Colin Hisey

Developing Micro and Nanotechnologies for Extracellular Vesicle Research

Sean Najmi

Reducible Oxides Catalyze the Aldol Condensation Reaction of Biomass Derived Oxygenates

Susan Leggett

Cell-level heterogeneity alters breast cancer progression in an engineered tumor model

Ethan Kamphaus

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Ab-initio Simulation Applied to Next Generation Lithium Battery Technology

Andrea Joseph

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Nanoparticle Design for the Treatment of Neonatal Brain Injuries

Rodrigo Reboucas

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A Pairwise Hydrodynamic Theory for Flow-Induced Particle Transport in Creeping Flows

Jenna Ott

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Competition between chemotactic dispersal andbiofilm growth in bacterial communities

Mingfei Zhao

Multiscale Modeling of Hierarchical Nanomaterials Via Molecular and Colloidal Self-Assembly

Matthew Rivera

Analysis of the Transport of Guest Molecules in Molecularly Mixed Composite Membranes Containing Porous Organic Cages

Phillip Taylor

Computational Studies of the Phase Transitions and Self-Assembly of Peptide-based Biomaterials

Deidra Ward

Dual Stimuli-Responsive Polycationic Nanoparticles for MicroRNA Delivery

Aisulu Aitbekova

X-ray absorption spectroscopy reveals the dynamic nature of catalysts

Anna Malakian

New Strategies to Improve Performance of Membrane Filtration Processes

Asuka Orr

Engineering Computational Tools for the Study and Design of Molecular Systems

Solomon Oyakhire

Understanding and Controlling the Electrodeposition of Lithium Metal Using Atomic Layer Deposition

Jason Madinya

Field Theory Description of Polyelectrolyte and Charged Surfactant Micelle Coacervation

Alexa Kuenstler

Leveraging Dynamic Covalent Bonds in Semi-Crystalline Polymer Networks for High-Performance Materials

Javier Huayta

Title TBD (Systems Biology)

Antonio Del Rio Flores

Biosynthesis of Triacsins with an N-hydroxytriazene Pharmacophore

Sebastian Sensale

Sensing DNA With DNA - Nucleic Acid Sensing and Applications of DNA Origami Nanotechnologies